Well, another week at Kwangju Foreign School has come to an end and things are started to flow a whole lot better at the school.  Actually, most things about life and work are flowing seamlessly, and I do not believe that the internet is a good place to vent your grievances in perpetuity, so this message should be another very positive one. 

A lot has actually happened since I posted earlier in the week.  The first good news for us is that we got a car.  My really good friend Taebong sells used cars these days.  We had asked him to look out for a deal and let us know when he found one.  Well, on Wednesday when I got home from work Youngli told me that Taebong had found a car for us.  I told her that I was very happy about the news and that we better start thinking about getting insurance, navigation, registering the car, and getting sensors put on the car that warn us when we are too close to something.  Youngli informs me that no we do not need to do any of those things because Taebong has just spent the whole day doing all of those things and the car will be delivered at 7:30.  What a great friend Taebong is!  Thank you buddy!

The car is a Hyundai Verna, and although it is a 2001, it only has 79,000 km on it.  I did not get a chance to take it for a drive until Thursday night when I took a co-worker and the principal of the school to the grocery store.

Wednesday was a great day actually, because shortly after I got home our neighbors called to invite us to dinner.   Noah loves their son and we had not eaten yet, so we headed over there.  A new car and food instead of a protein shake a good day makes, in my books.  One of the other teachers was coming as well, and they had cooked Indian food for dinner.  It was a great meal, Rohan really knows what he is doing in the Kitchen.  The boys ate Korean food with our friends' son before dinner, so I played with the three boys while Youngli ate until she was stuffed, and then it was my turn to eat.  We left when it was time for Taebong to bring our new car to us.  We are going to return the favour soon.

Last weekend when I went out with our friends next store, we had talked about how all of the staff need to get together now that everyone is here (Although, the music teacher and high school science teacher have not arrived yet).  I decided that I would go talk to Tony, our Sunshine committee chairman, and mention that I thought it would be great to have a BBQ on Friday after work.  He set up a meeting of the committee for the next day, and the committee was excited by the idea and it was given the green light.  That BBQ was last night and it was great!  All of the kids had a great time playing.  There was plenty of great Korean and Western food.  We bought mok-sal (literally - neck meat).  It is a really great cut of pork that does not have very much fat.  We eat it on different kinds of lettuce and leaves with sauce garlic and rice.  We had bought quite a bit of it thinking that we could always freeze what wasn't eaten.  It was very popular with all at the BBQ though, so it was eaten up quickly.  Lyndon and I played with the kids while we cooked and the then while the others ate and socialized.  It was a really great dinner.

Everyone was reluctant to call it an evening.  Therefore, when we left at 7:45, as it was getting dark, we agreed to meet on the rooftop patio for refreshments and conversation at 8:30.  I believe seven of the teachers showed up and we had an amazing time chatting.  It was an amazing evening with a nice cool breeze that kept us all comfortable.  I called it a night at about 1:00 am and there were still a couple of teachers that stayed up when I left.  I had family plans the next morning though, so I had to come home.

Today, we got up in the morning to go to a water park about 40 minutes outside of town.  My mom has been telling me to get the boys in the water because I was swimming long before I was the age that Noah is now, so we decided to try it out.  We went with Lyndon and his family, though we went in separate cars.

When we got to the park we were all excited.  When we got inside though, Noah was a little overwhelmed.  He did not want to do anything.  Then slowly we started working or way up to more exciting things.  He dunked his head a couple of times, and would then be scared to try anything for a while.  However, by the time we left he was smitten with the place and did not want to stop going down the big water slides. 
Tonight is Eunhae's (Youngli's best friend's/Taebong's wife's) birthday.  We are taking them and some of their friends to a Galbi restaurant for dinner.  So, unfortunately it is time to go.  Next post should be early next week sometime. 


08/31/2013 4:19am

Looks like a great time was had by all!!!


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